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Enfamil Enspire

Enspire Optimum provides our optimal nutrition with dual HMO's (2'FL & LnNT). 2'FL & LnNT helps support immune health.

New formulation with Dual HMOs (2'FL & LnNT), as well as lactoferrin, important components of breast milk.



Top Reasons to Choose Enfamil Enspire Optimum

Dual HMO (2'FL and LnNT) to support immune health. Dual HMO's found in breast milk
Has lactoferrin as an added ingredient, a key immune-supporting protein also found in breast milk
Global expert-recommended amount of Omega-3 brain building DHA
From the #1 Pediatrician recommended brand



World Health Organization recommended amount of DHA is 0.2%-0.36% of total fatty acids/ Similac=0.15% vs. Enfamil=0.32% of total fatty acids.


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